Company profile

Saronic (EU) Power Tech GmbH is an integrated global solar energy solution provider, a professional manufacturer of solar wafers, cells, panels&modules, inverter,and has informed a relatively complete solar power industrial chain.

1. Our professional technical and sales team distributes throughout the world prepare to provide professional technical service for you at any time.

2. You can seek the service by phone, email, internet, on-site etc. To meet your needs is our target.

3. Professional, efficient and rapid service system make us response your request within 24 hours.

1. The world-class production line and professional technical team from Germany bring up the superior product performance. Complete quality inspection system guarantees every competitive product.

2. Our solar panels provide a 25-year warranty, 90% output power in 10 years, 80% output power in 25 years. Our inverters and accessories provide a standard 5-year warranty, and the warranty can be extended to 25 years according to your requirement.

3. In the warranty period, we will provide free update, replacement, maintenance and other service for you through remote support or door-to-door service.