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Saronic (EU) Power Tech GmbH is an integrated global solar energy solution provider, a professional manufacturer of solar wafers, cells, panels&modules, inverter,and has informed a relatively complete solar power industrial chain.


  • Max. Efficiency 98.2% , Euro. Efficiency 97.5%
  • 2 MPPT Trackers To ensure to reach the maximum output power
  • Wide DC input range (120-590 Vdc), compatible with different module
  • Disturbed flow fan insider to make sure lower  ambient temperature and longer use life
  • IP 65 design, Smaller volume, lighter weight, the inverter only 16 kg.
  • Multiple monitoring methods, New human      interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
  • New human interface, touch key design, LCD     visible at night
  • 5years warranty(5~25 years as option)
High Efficiency
2 MPPT design, Tracking accurate up to 99.9% can make SR-5.0k-TL2 series inverters work more flexible and effective. All rooftop modules areas could be used for generating , it also could minimize the capacity consumption due to shade hiding. Max. Efficiency is up to 98.2%, Euro efficiency 97.5%, which means more transmission power than others solar device. Saronic photovoltaic inverter is your most wise choice.

High Stability
Saronic inverter high quality casing can provide the best protection for insider electronic components, Besides, by IP65 protection, it can be installed and run safely in the indoor and outdoor. Not afraid of any bad environment, it always creates a best working condition for you.

Innovative & Smart Monitoring
Wifi cards inside setting is the the first Invention of the world, and power management box could preserve all important record from sensor. Each inverter are equipped with RS485, RS232, USB and Ethernet interface, wifi kit and GRPS Kits as your option. Through our free monitoring software to connect with your PC/Mobile, you can view the PV station output data and pubic grid power supply.

Good Heat-dissipation, Low Noise
SR-5.0k-TL2 series inverter with special designed intelligent cooling system , can still maintain excellent heat dissipation in a hot environment, always play the best performance. while sensor monitor operating temperature ,smart cooling system will help heat effectively discharged outside from the shell. Then you no longer need to fan, for you to save money at the same time also brings a quiet and comfortable environment

  • Max. Efficiency 98.2% , Euro. Efficiency 97.5%
  • 2 MPPT Trackers To ensure to reach the maximum output power
  • Wide DC input range (120-590 Vdc), compatible with different module
  • Disturbed flow fan insider to make sure lower ambient temperature and longer use life
  • IP 65 design, Smaller volume, lighter weight, the inverter only 16 kg.
  • Multiple monitoring methods, New human interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
  • New human interface, touch key design, LCD visible at night
  • 5years warranty(5~25 years as option)
Inverter Type SR-3k-TL2 SR-4k-TL2 SR-5k-TL2
Max. PV Power[W] 3400 4500 5200
Max. DC Voltage[V] 590
Nominal DC Voltage[V] 360
Operating MPPT Voltage Range[V] 120-550
MPPT Voltage Range at Nominal Power[V] 150-500 200-500 200-500
Start up DC Voltage[V] 150
Turn off DC Voltage[V] 120
Max. DC Current[A] 12/12 16/16 18/18
Number of MPPT Trackers 2
Number of DC Connection A:1/B:1
DC Connection Type Mc4 connector
Max. AC Power[W] 3300 4400 5000**
Nominal AC Power[W] 3000 4000 4600**
Nominal Grid Voltage[V] 220/230/240
Nominal Grid Frequency[Hz] 50/60
Max. AC Current[A] 14.4 19.0 22.0
Grid Voltage Range*[V] 185-276
Grid Frequency Range*[Hz] 45-55/55-65
Power Factor 0.95 capacitive…0.95 inductive
Total Harmonic Distortion(THD) <2%
Feed in Starting Power[W] 30
Night time Power Consumption[W] <1
Standby Consumption[W] 6
AC Connection Type Plug-in connector
Max. Efficiency 98.2%
Euro Efficiency 97.3% 97.5% 97.5%
MPPT Efficiency 99.9%
Safety and Protection
DC Insulation Monitoring Yes
DC Switch optional
Residual Current Monitoring Unit(RCMU) Integrated
Grid Monitoring with Anti-islanding Yes
Protection Class I(According to IEC 62103)
Overvoltage Category PV II/Mains III(According to IEC 62109-1)
Reference Standard
Safety Standard EN 62109, AS/NZS 3100
EMC Standard EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-3-11, EN61000-3-12
Grid Standard VDE-AR-N-4105, VDE 0126-1-1, RD1699, CEI0-21, C10/11, G83/2, UTE C15-712-1, AS4777, CQC, EN50438
Physical Structure
Dimension(WxHxD)[mm] 352x421x162.5
Weight[Kg] 16.5
Environmental Protection Rating IP 65 (According to IEC 60529)
Cooling Concept Natural convection
Mounting Information Wall bracket
General Date
Operating Temperature Range -20℃ to +60℃(derating above 45℃)
Relative Humidity 0% to 98%, no condensation
Max. Altitude (above sea level) 2000m
Noise Level <40dB
Isolation Type Transformerless
Display 3 LED, Backlight, 4 x 20 Character LCD
Data Communication Interfaces RS485(WiFi, GPRS optional)
Computer Communication USB
Standard Warranty 5 years (5~25 years as option)
*The AC voltage and frequency range may vary depending on specific country grid
**4600VA, 4600W with VDE-AR-N-4105


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